WiMake Solutions is a company legally registered in Norway. It was started by Vegard Wikeby and he works with clients all over the world.

Why us

We help small to medium sized companies to be better at their digital strategy, security and stay relevant in the digital world that we now all do our business transactions in. We give you a free session where we talk about your business.

Virtual consultation

You contact us and we setup a personal 1:1 video session where we get down to your business.

Business security

Your business is digital. We secure it and make sure it’s always available where your clients are.


Communicate right = a successful business. We say the right things at the right time.

Who are we?

We are a small team that works directly with you and we do what we know best; delivering great results for your business.

Vegard Wikeby

Leader, security expert & consultant

Hilda Moreno

Graphic designer & organizer

Interested in what we do?

We tell you what we do for free, to inspire you and one day we'll work with you and bring the same value to your business. Give us your email below and we'll keep you posted with our exclusive newsletter. You decide when you are ready for us.

Work With Us

We've been doing digital business work since 2014. Legally registered in Norway.

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